Beautiful books and fairy tales

Beautiful books and fairy tales

You know, books can be the most precious thing in young age.  At that time, a person usually discovers his talents, exercising them on all kinds of different matter, and literature is very, very important field.


Many people understood about their writing talent when they were kids – even though they couldn’t write correctly – they felt that there is a spark in writing and reading literature that draws you to it all the time. And that was enough, so that with time people get more and more skilled in exercising themselves in reading and writing, because they do it willingly.

Fairy tales are the first thing that could catch the attention of kids to stories and literature. Do not underestimate this type of literature, it will not spoil your child at all, but will help it gain some emotional intelligence, basic story and plot following skills, and will allow him to practice his imagination.

I am a fan of Svetoslav Kantardjiev’s books for children that are published in Bulgaria in well-illustrated series that every child would love.  I am sure in your country you’ve got pretty well looking books too and you can choose the best for you children. The important, after all, is to read to them and make them get inside the story – think inside it, about the characters and so on.

Usually, if your child has a talent, he will become very attached to fairy tales and you would notice that his imagination is flourishing and well-developing.

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